Eyeshadow palette

Product description

Get the best of both worlds. Our limited-edition Urban Eyeshadow Vault contains 20 full-size shadows—10 from our current iconic Eyeshadow lineup and 10 from our sparkly, sophisticated Moondust collection.

We handpicked the perfect mix of rich, colorful shades and sultry neutrals. Experiment with shifty duotones, gorgeous shimmers and shades with a mesmerizing 3-D effect. From cult favorites like Lounge and Solstice to hard-to-come-by shades like Shockwave, Vortex, Interstellar and Dark Force, Urban Eyeshadow Vault is destined to be a collector’s item.

Every iconic Eyeshadow shade features our Pigment Infusion System™—for rich, velvety, blendable color that lasts and sparkle that doesn’t fall.

Cutting-edge technology gives Moondust amazing effects not found in traditional pressed-powder shadows. We infused this innovative formula with a delicate, microfine shimmer and gorgeous 3-D pearls to create a smooth, brilliantly reflective look. The result: Sexy, twinkling sparkle with a ton of depth and movement.

What you see is what you get:

Scorpio Moondust Eyeshadow (black matte w/gold 3-D sparkle), Zodiac Moondust Eyeshadow (smoky black w/blue-green shift and blue-green 3-D sparkle), Vortex Moondust Eyeshadow (smoky black w/green shift and gold 3-D sparkle), Moonspoon Moondust Eyeshadow (medium gray w/bright silver sparkle), Shockwave Moondust Eyeshadow (deep berry w/pink and blue 3-D sparkle), Blackout Eyeshadow (blackest black matte), Lounge Eyeshadow (brick red satin w/green shift), Mildew Eyeshadow (mossy green shimmer w/gold shift), Mushroom Eyeshadow (warm gray shimmer), Rockstar Eyeshadow (deep aubergine shimmer), Solstice Moondust Eyeshadow (metallic pink-red w/green 3-D sparkle and shift), Space Cowboy Moondust Eyeshadow (sheer pale nude w/bright silver sparkle), Dark Force Moondust Eyeshadow (taupe-brown w/gold and iridescent 3-D sparkle), Interstellar Moondust Eyeshadow (antique gold w/pink and gold 3-D sparkle), Cosmic Moondust Eyeshadow (metallic white w/iridescent 3-D sparkle and shift), Last Call Eyeshadow